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Hailey Ruffner

Hi there! I'm a Los Angeles-based Motion Designer, Editor, Assistant Editor, Multimedia Artist and more... I studied film and have worked in both the film and music industries in various capacities for the past eight years. I just wrapped up my first union job as an Assistant Editor/Graphics Artist on the new Netflix series The Magic Prank Show. I often write/direct my own projects as well! I have also worked in the Art Department, and would love to do so again. Additionally, I work on the social content teams on-site at multiple music festivals, and have produced a variety of music industry events and photoshoots. As you might have guessed, I also make rugs and tufted wall art! Currently available for all kinds of work, happy to connect and chat further!

Selected Clients

Los Angeles Philharmonic


Abso Lutely

The Ford


In Time Media

Small Green Door



Bright Lite Magazine

Jess Rona Grooming


Motion Graphics (After Effects)

Editing (Premiere)

Assistant Editing



Social Content Creation

Photo Editing

Art Department

Hi-8 Tape Videography

Project Management


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